Ike Release - Noir (MOS-LP3)

Artwork designed by: Graphic Surgery http://graphicalsurgeons.tumblr.com/


Ghosts On Tape - Only Now / Snake Box


Featuring Only Now (Innerspace Halflife Remix)


Teardrop From Nebula 1121+22 by Innerspace Halflife

The album Astral Traveling by Innerspace Halflife is among us with 9 tunes straight from the universal psyche, yet articulated with the tools of human perception through waveforms. Deeper and deeper the tunes take a listener on a journey of spacey pads, longing melodies, electronic bass notes, and jacking drum programming.

In terms of human understanding, the universe is infinite which makes any scenario one can think of possible. With this in mind, Astral Traveling was composed and explores the deepness of creativity as Innerspace Halflife reaches down to pull out sounds using various techniques.

released 05 May 2014 

Written, produced, and arranged by Hakim Murphy and Ike Release

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Photo by Jason Robinette

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Magical Rings - from the newest album Astral Travelling, from Hakim Murphy and Ike who together make up Innerspace Halflife. Love the rich melody that dominates this track…

Released on Synapsis back in April this year.

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Magical Rings